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Toddler Tint – Fairy Garden


Each toddler tint measures 800mm (w) x 600mm (h) and will cover 1 back passenger window (if you have an unusually large back passenger window, we recommend you measure it to ensure the correct fit).

If you have any questions about this product, please call Amanda at Bubs2Bratz Nursery Hire on 07 47284323.

Please Note: If you want to cover both back passenger windows, you will need to purchase 2 toddler tints.


Toddler Tints are the latest technology in child window shades. Made from a material that becomes transparent when driving, you no longer need to worry about blind spots that other window shades on the market can create. They are a removable film that protects children from the sun, reduces heat and glare. Applied to the inside of the window much like a sticker, the tint has a cute pattern on the side facing your child and can’t be seen from the outside. Toddler Tints come in five fun and vibrant patterns for you and your little one to choose from.

Sun Protection Blocks heat, glare and protects against harmful UV rays.
No Blind Spots Toddler Tints do not affect driver visibility nor do they block the view for your child.
Universal FitDesigned to custom fit and adhere perfectly to the inside of most car windows, no annoying gaps for the sun to creep in. Also great for frameless windows.
Doesn’t Affect Window Functionality Applied to the inside of the window, you can still put the window down.
Not Seen From Outside the Car Completely invisible from the outside of the car, for those that don’t want the look of their impacted will love this aspect most.
Long Lasting & Durable Your curious little passenger can not pull them off. Nor will they fade, deteriorate, stretch and flap over time.
Easy to Apply Instructions are included for self application. Click here to watch a video presentation


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