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Tether Extension Strap 600mm


  • 600mm
  • Lengthens anchorage strap when additional length is required to connect to another point
  • To be used with hook connection
  • Can be used in most vehicles
  • Anchor bolt & fittings not included
  • (600mm Tether Extension Strap also available)

If you have any questions about this product call Amanda at Bubs2Bratz Nursery Hire on 07 4728 4323.


A child car restraint tether extension strap will make sure that the correct position and security of your child seat is achievable by increasing the options of anchor points your tether strap can reach.

The child restraint extension strap helps to extend a tether strap when it is not long enough to reach a suitable anchorage point in the vehicle. The product can provide an extra 600mm of strap to work with which means that you can install the child seat so it has sufficient room surrounding it and it will not be prone to moving. The extension strap has been made out of Australian Standards approved material and is designed to be used in most vehicles where a hook connection has been installed.


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